Although Conveyor Application Systems (CAS®) was brought into the Rexius family in 2004, the foundation for this key acquisition was established over nine decades ago when patriarch Sol Rexius established Rexius Fuel Service.

2nd Generation:
Ray and Marv (left to right)

In the mid-1930’s, as the country was coming out of the great depression, Sol Rexius, grandfather of Arlen Rexius (President of Conveyor Application Systems) and Rusty Rexius (President of Rexius Corporation), saw an opportunity in the local community. The country was rebounding, building increased and the need for west ern Oregon timber was on the rise. As local sawmills were ramping up operations, Sol found that the wood waste from local sawmills was being thrown into the landfill or being burned. It was then that Sol came up with the idea of recycling this waste into fuel that local residents could use to heat their homes, which at the time was the primary source of heating homes in Western Oregon. This creative decision fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit is what started Rexius Fuel Service.

he creativity to see what others couldn’t and the
courage of Sol Rexius to take action when others wouldn’t
is the same spirit that has fueled the Rexius family since 1935.

1st Generation:
Sol and Marion (left to right)

1st Generation:
Sol and Marion (left to right)

During the early 2000’s, Rexius executives saw the growing opportunity with equipment that could “place” material and after the highly successful blower truck division, Express Blower® was acquired, the decision was made to acquire Conveyor Application Systems (CAS®) and place it under the Rexius umbrella with Arlen Rexius appointed as President. Arlen’s creative mind combined with his engineering background, utilized the original on-road conveyor truck platform to create innovations and improvements that have been felt throughout the Slinger truck industry. Many of these innovations have led to a number of new CAS® patents and initiated rapid growth within the business.

Almost two decades have passed since CAS® became a part of the Rexius family of companies and has grown considerably from the original Slinger truck platform that the company was founded on to a variety of On-Road, Off-Road, and Reload Slinger models.

3rd Generation: Arlen Rexius & Rusty Rexius (left to right)

Conveyor Application Systems continues to press the envelope with new Slinger technologies. We work to build the highest quality, most durable, feature packed Slinging machines on the market today and we would love to help you with your material handling and placing challenges.

As a family owned company, we want you to know that when you purchase a CAS® machine, you become part of our family!

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