Compost Soil & Mulch

CAS® Slingers are in important part of the Composting process and are actively involved in the production/placement of high-quality soils and mulches.

Even placement of material at predetermined depths ensures the organic compost breaks down into the nutrient rich soil and fertilizer that has grown in popularity over the past 10-years. Creating high-quality compost, soils and mulches is a huge focus for our parent company Rexius as seen here: Rexius and Opus Grows. We have seen first-hand the benefits of taking organic material that would have ended up in the land-fill and creating something useful and of high-quality. Rexius/CAS® is committed to making responsible choices in the way we conduct business, and will continue to improve year-by-year as we discover new ways of being good stewards of our environment. We encourage you to use your Slinger to assist the large scale composting and soil producers in your region. There is no better tool for the placement of material than a CAS® Slinger!

  • Fun fact: Rexius/CAS® uses BioDiesel, non-toxic hydraulic oil, low emissions/low smoke oil in 2-stroke engines, water/detergent based cleaners rather than solvents, recycled shredded paper, and a whole lot more as we continue our “Going Green” efforts!

CAS® Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk!

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