CONCRETE & Asphalt

We are frequently asked if CAS® Slingers can run Concrete and Asphalt. Our answer is a qualified YES!  

We qualify this “Yes” because for CAS® Slingers to effectively handle these specialty materials, there may be a need for specialized components, such as a hopper liner that can manage the uniqueness of materials like Concrete & Asphalt for your application.

We always caution operators that when “Slinging” concrete over a few feet, there is a chance that it can separate, which could be a problem if/when pouring a concrete slab or providing a “finished” concrete product. However, in most cases, when using “flowable fill” concrete in applications such as for the installation of pipelines, underground conduits/culverts, backfilling stopes and tunnels in underground mines, and/or to help slow erosion, separation is not a problem and the material does the job it was intended for.

CAS® Slingers= Material Versatility!

Go CAS® and never look back!

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