Erosion Control requires large amounts of material to be evenly placed in sometimes very large expansive areas and with much of the areas oftentimes being unstable or surrounded by sensitive vegetation. CAS® offers the perfect solution for effective Erosion Control methods. Whether you choose a CAS® Slinger or a Rexius Blower Truck, your Erosion Control efforts just kicked into high-gear.

Erosion Control comes in many different forms and utilizes a variety of different materials and techniques. CAS® Slingers can help by EVENLY distributing the chosen materials to the preferred locations. Getting material in difficult spots like up a steep grade or across a large ravine is now made possible by using a CAS® Slinger.

CAS® Slingers are able to EVENLY place whatever type of material the project calls for. Whether your Erosion Control project requires placement of soil, rock, sand, gravel, compost, mulch, or concrete, a CAS® Slinger can place material without disturbing the unstable surface or surrounding vegetation eliminating the risk of causing additional damage.

  • FUN FACT: CAS® Slingers can “Sling” material up to 160 FEET!
    • How can this be? CAS® uses several important elements that the competition just simply neglects. Our proprietary CAS® Placing Belt combined with a SUPERIOR Hydraulic System, provides a few of the ingredients that our engineers have developed to create a SUPERIOR Slinging system!

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