Any CAS® Off-Road Slinger can be quickly deployed into emergency areas to install a temporary flood barrier by deploying the CAS® Slinger Continuous Sock Flood Barrier. If Continuous Sock is not an option, CAS® Slingers can be quickly equipped to fill HESCO® flood barriers as well (see below).

CAS® Continuous tubes are made of the same material as conventional sand bags. They are filled with sand and stacked by the operating CAS® Slinger eliminating the huge amount of labor that is normally needed to complete an effective sand bag flood barrier. As long as the material is on site and a machine present to load the CAS® Slinger, rising rivers are no match for a CAS® Slinger equipped with Continuous Sock.

  • FUN FACT: A CAS® Slinger equipped with Continuous Sock is equivalent to FILLING and INSTALLING nearly 200 sand bags PER MINUTE! Good bye shovel!

Deploy a CAS® Slinger equipped with Continuous Sock AND Rest Easy knowing You’re Protected!

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