With CAS® Slingers, Fuel Tank installations became a whole lot easier to install and Pipelines are getting backfilled at rates that are unsurpassed.

As a hammer is to a nail, a CAS® Slinger is to a tank installation or a pipeline backfill project! When a tank and/or pipeline needs to be backfilled, a CAS® Slinger is really the ONLY tool that can efficiently perform all functions of the install! The proprietary systems that have spawned several new patents and introduced new technology to the Slinger industry as a whole, allows for EVEN PLACEMENT of massive amounts of material, sometimes in layers as the material is built up and compacted.

  • Contractors can now say “Good-Bye” to equipment with limited capabilities and “HELLO” to a CAS® Slinger that is LOADED with functionality!

With a CAS® Slinger, you now have everything you need in one easy to use tool! CAS® Slingers are the Swiss Army Knives® of Slinger Trucks & Equipment!

  • FUN FACT: A CAS® AT7 once installed a set of fuel tanks in 14-hours!!!
    • CAS® Slingers can Sling material at distances up to 160’ and at volume rates that allow a 20-yard Slinger to empty in 6 ½ minutes.

Are YOU ready to add a CAS® Slinger to your stable of equipment?

Buy a CAS® and NEVER Look Back!

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