There are very few Landscaping projects that a CAS® Slinger could not improve upon! With the large variability in the type of materials required, the difficulty in getting large amounts of material too hard to reach locations, and the many obstacles that present themselves along the way in an attempt to slow progress, a CAS® Slinger is the tool that can effectively deal with each of these potential challenges.

Our company has a long history in the landscaping world and we can confidently say that our own CAS® Slingers go to work every day within this industry. So whether we are placing 10-yards of mulch in the backyard of a home in a densely populated neighborhood or backfilling an old swimming pool with 30-yards of gravel in the backyard of a home that only has street parking, these projects are just another day at the office for our CAS® Slingers.

Mulch, compost, rock, gravel, soil, sand, wood chips, you name it and we have “Slung” it. We know first-hand how valuable a CAS® Slinger is to our landscaping team and the huge amount of time and labor a CAS® Slinger saves. Now is a GREAT time for you to also experience the CAS® difference!

  • FUN FACT: Our Landscaping Team is building a new CAS® Fat Boy that will soon be joining our team of working Slingers!

We not only build Slingers, We put them to Work Every Day in our own Business!

The Slinger Advantage!

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