Whether above or below the ground, CAS® has Slingers operating in a variety of mining environments. Unlike the competition, WE HAVE BEEN THERE! We have been in the mine(s) and spent time underground with the working men and women evaluating the environment and the rigorous standards that CAS® Slingers must be built to, to withstand the extremely harsh environment and continuous operation the Mining Industry requires from our Slingers.

Where other Slinger companies may have walked away, CAS® has risen to the challenge! The CAS® Slingers built for the Mining industry are the strongest most robust Slingers ever made! Packed with a huge amount of high-strength steel and componentry, there is no question we build Slingers that are up to the challenge!

CAS® operates two very specific pieces of mining equipment. The CAS® Stemming Truck, which Blast Engineers use to backfill blast holes with Stemming material to keep the blast focused on unlocking those precious resources and the highly specialized UG1000, which back-fills large mining areas called “Stopes.” Both are highly specialized and built to operate continuously and withstand the rigorous mining environment.

Mining operators can be confident that when they work with CAS®, they are working with a hands-on company that takes time to travel into the “belly of the beast” so we can see the environment first-hand and also to speak directly with the miners so they can tell us what kind of Slinger to build! CAS® Slingers are built by the working man, for the working man!

  • FUN FACT: CAS® is the ONLY Slinger Company that has Slingers above and below the earth’s surface.
    • CAS® off-road Slingers don’t stop where the pavement ends OR where the sun DOESN’T shine!

CAS® Mining Slingers=Responsible Mining

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