CAS® has the only towable industrial reloaders in the industry! When it comes to Conveyored Reloaders that are STRONG and LONG, look no further than Conveyored Applications Systems!

When we developed the CAS® Reloader, we had one goal in mind. To create a solution that would enable a Blower and/or Slinger Truck to stay on site and continue working by eliminating downtime. The downtime to refill a truck after emptying can quickly eat up time and money! Especially in large metropolitan areas like New York City or Houston. Furthermore, trying to get back to that premium parking spot downtown after the truck has returned with another load is nearly impossible! Enter the CAS® Reloader! Whether you are operating in densely populated downtown areas or you want to keep your Slinger on site, a Reloader is the solution that will reduce downtime and keep your Slinger or Blower Truck on the jobsite working!

Slinger and Blower Trucks are making money when they’re Blowing and Slinging! Down-time is the dreaded enemy of a working man or woman and any opportunity an operator can minimize this idle time, it will surely equate to greater productivity and more revenue!

Whether you are interested in employing a CAS® Reloader or a CAS® Slinger to keep your Blower Trucks and/or working equipment WORKING, CAS® has a solution for you!

  • FUN FACT: A CAS® RL26HD Reloader can be hitched to an AT7, which allows dump trucks, loaders, and skid-steers to load the AT7 while it does its job!
    • An AT7 can Sling 20-yards of material in 8-minutes so keeping this beast fed by employing a Reloader is a great investment!
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