Getting material on the backside of a retaining wall can be quite challenging! The old front end loader method is not only NOT efficient, it is very difficult to properly measure the amount of material being placed, which results in wasted material and inconsistent backfilling. With a CAS® Slinger, backfilling Retaining Walls is just another day at the office! CAS® Slingers can either sling the material over the wall or be quickly equipped with a special attachment that allows the material to flow at a 90-degree angle for a nice even flow of material as the Slinger travels at a locked-in speed.

CAS® Slingers employ an advanced electronic system that allow the operator to stand up to 900 feet away! This technology enables the operator to stand on the backside of the Retaining Wall and monitor the material flow rate while having the capabilities to speed up or slow down not only the Slinger travel but the flow of material. Total control while in the best position to monitor the placement of materials, THAT is a CAS® Slinger!

CAS® Slingers allow the contractor to work Smarter not harder!

  • FUN FACT: All CAS® Off-Road Slingers are equipped with wireless Remote-Controlled Placing and Driving systems.

Give a CAS® Off-Road Slinger a try and you will never look back!

Can we show you the CAS® Difference?

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