CAS® Slingers provide a great deal of flexibility and are used in variety of ways along Roads, Highways and Byways.  When it comes to helping control Erosion, providing landscaping materials that beautifies and welcomes passing motorists, or placing materials that eliminates unwanted vegetation, CAS® Slingers are the Slingers contractors rely on day in and day out!

Here are a few examples of some common Roadside applications:

  • Applying Shoulder rock – Using the Creep Travel Function and special discharge attachment (if needed) to enable a consistent flow of material.
  • Roadside Vegetation – Applying soil and/or compost with/without seed at distances of well over 120 feet allows for consistent coverage and even placement.
    • CAS® Slingers allow material to be placed up steep banks that traditional pieces of equipment just cannot get to.
  • Highway Interchanges – Spreading rock and/or mulch helps keep the unwanted vegetation down and slow erosion.
  • Roadside Erosion – A variety of materials are used in the effort to stop or slow erosion.
    • Materials like rock, mulch, sand, and/or a soil/seed mix can all be easily placed to cover roadsides and cut banks to protect soil from wind and rain.
  • Retaining WallsCAS® Slingers can Sling the material over the wall or use a specialized attachment that allows for consistent downward flow of material.

If Roadside Work is the need, than a CAS® Slinger is the answer!

FUN FACT: CAS® Slingers can place material farther than ANY other Slinger on the market!

Are you ready to experience the CAS® Difference?

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