Unique Applications

When it comes to new inventive ways to use a CAS® Slinger, we are all in!  We firmly believe that the only thing limiting our use of a Slinger is our own imagination. We love to hear from our customers how they are using their CAS® Slinger and sometimes, we even get pictures, which we will include here!

CAS® Slingers are built to work and we want our customers to put them to work every day! We believe that we don’t just build a piece of equipment, but we in fact build tools. Tools that our customers can use in a variety of ways and applications. Tools made with quality steel and components by proud hard-working Americans.

  • If you only buy the highest quality tools for your toolbox, then a CAS® Slinger is the right Tool/Slinger for you!

It is truly amazing what one CAS® Slinger can accomplish all by itself. Put two or more together….stand back and watch the material fly!

  • FUN FACT: CAS® Slingers are the ONLY Slingers to Sling material ABOVE and BELOW the ground!

CAS® Slingers = Quality! Will you fill your toolbox with a cheaper brand?

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