Backfill & Utility Trenching

How were things backfilled before Slingers?

We actually have asked this question because honestly, we just cannot imagine backfilling a trench or anything for that matter, any other way than with a CAS® Slinger! Not only do things get back-filled quicker, the amount of labor and machinery required to put the appropriate material evenly in place is seriously reduced! The reduction in labor combined with an even and consistent flow of material equates to greater profitability for the contractor and projects being completed ahead of budget! “Check and Mate!”

If continual operation is of interest for extremely long Trench jobs, we highly recommend the CAS® Magnum and/or AT7/RL26HD combination. As long as the material keeps showing up, these Slingers will keep working! The CAS® proprietary systems have allowed Contractors to experience greater productivity than ever before with the continual operation capabilities of CAS® Slingers.

Whether you backfill utilities on a smaller scale or you specialize in backfilling trenches that seemingly have no end, CAS® has a solution for you!

  • FUN FACT: The CAS® RL26HD Reloader couples directly to the AT7 creating a single unit that is fully remote controlled!!

Time to Back-Fill the Slinger-Way!


Go CAS® and NEVER Look Back….no seriously, the trenches will be full!

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