Water Retention

As the earth’s surface is covered with about 71% water, it is no wonder that CAS® Slingers are constantly being called on to help with containing or curtailing water. Water management can be a difficult task for most everyone on this planet. Folks in the desert need to create holding ponds or cisterns that can hold the water during the dry season, and people in the rainforest work to keep the water contained so it does not wash out roads or cause unnecessary erosion and/or damage. Whatever the reason, Water Retention and Management is a challenge that most are familiar with and we appreciate that CAS® Slingers are the preferred tools when war is waged on the most needed substance on the planet.

With the impressively long Slinging distance, the large capacity capabilities and the variability in the type of material that they can place. CAS® Slingers, especially the Off-Road Slingers (AT7, TR20, Magnum and TR30) are the ones called upon as the difficulty increases.

Whether you are increasing the elevation to get above the water table, preparing a holding pond or extending the beach, CAS® has a Slinger for you!

  • FUN FACT: CAS® Off-Road Slingers operate where Slinger TRUCKS cannot! The AT7 is four-wheel drive and the TR20 has Tracks.
    • CAS® off-road Slingers allow you to go where the job is…not stop where the pavement ends!

When a CAS® Slinger shows up, it’s as if the Calvary has Arrived! 

Call the Calvary….Call CAS®!

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