All CAS® Slingers are
Made in the U.S.A.

The off-road CAS® Magnum is the ONLY Slinger to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

The Magnum is not only the coolest looking Slinger Truck on the market, it has raised the bar so high, that anything else will be a distant second.

The CAS® Magnum is a Slinger machine unlike any Slinger machine. It combines the best functions of all CAS® Slingers to make a powerful, robust Slinger that can continuously operate for extended periods of time.

The Magnum is a Slinger that was born from a creative conversation that we had with a customer who had an issue finding an off-road machine that was large enough to carry a 25-ton box that could be continually reloaded, and be operated with minimal labor. We were privileged that the customer looked to CAS® to help create a solution. As we spoke, we could feel the customer’s “Pain” and clearly see the challenge that existed. So as our engineers have done on a number of occasions, they went to work to find a solution. Taking an objective and independent look at our various Slinger models, we quickly identified that that we had the components and the technology to create a solution. The challenge was how to bring them all together into a single self-contained, feature packed, remotely operated, Slinger that could move material at rates that we had never experienced. As we reviewed the situation, we could see why others did not dare to take this project on, but here at CAS® we live for these opportunities…and so the Magnum was born!

The Magnum is unlike any piece of equipment on the planet. It is a heavy-duty, full-size Slinger that is wirelessly remotely operated and has a large reloader permanently affixed to it. Because of the reloader, the Magnum can be continuously loaded while it stays working and the operator can engage the cruise control at the required creep drive speed to maintain a consistent speed and material placement pace. This is a handy feature on large highway or pipeline jobs where large amounts of material need to be placed. Furthermore, the Magnum needs minimal labor to operate, which means the contractor can focus on keeping the haul trucks feeding this hungry “beast” while the operator places the material where it’s needed.

The Magnum is a unique solution that can “Sling” material over 100’ and at rates of up to 4 tons per minute and/or fill a utility trench at over 1’ per second making the Magnum the ULTIMATE in material placement!




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