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CAS® Buy-Back Program

When it comes to used Slingers, CAS®strives to have the first right of refusal on all used Slingers coming up For Sale on the market. It is for this reason, we developed the CAS® Buy-Back Program. This program is designed to communicate industry-wide that CAS® is a BUYER who is actively pursuing the purchase of used Slingers. We are very interested in working with those folks who may have a good used CAS® Slinger they are interested in selling. Furthermore, if you have a CAS® Slinger that you are interested in Trading-In so you can purchase a new CAS® Slinger, Give us a Call! We are very interested in speaking with you!

We have found that customers at times need to purchase a Slinger for a specific project awarded or a contract needing to be completed. If this sounds familiar, let’s see if we can put together a financial package that makes sense for you. We want you to have the tool (Slinger) you need to get the job done and we are interested in creating a scenario that may potentially provide us with a good used Slinger we could resell once you have met your commitment.

Trade-Ins are a great way to upgrade! If you have a CAS® Slinger but want to upgrade to a different Slinger, Trading-In may be a good way to get a brand new Slinger. At times, we have customers that purchase an Off-Road Slinger for a particular set of reasons, to find several years later that a new Fat Boy or Super-Track would sure be nice to have so they trade in their current Slinger for one that better fits the type of jobs they are pursuing. Or maybe, it might just be time for a new Slinger! Whatever the circumstance, CAS® is interested in working with you to ensure that the purchase of your new CAS® Slinger is an equitable venture!

Disclaimer: All trade-ins, buy-backs and purchases are on a case by case basis and are based on a variety of factors to include: Overall Slinger condition, hours, usage, credit approval, etc. CAS® makes no claim or commitment to purchasing any machine. All CAS® Slinger purchases are on approval and CAS® reserves the right to reject any offer.


Securing EVERY good-quality used CAS® Slinger on the market is our objective!

Whether you are Selling, Buying and/or Trading-In, CALL CAS®!

Solving the World’s Material Placement Issues, One Slinger at a Time!


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All CAS® financial products are provided by Highway Commercial Finance.

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