All CAS® reloaders
built in the USA!

The reloader CAS® RL26HD is the ONLY Slinger truck to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

The RL26HD is not only the coolest looking Slinger Truck on the market, it has raised the bar so high, that anything else will be a distant second.

If there ever was an industrial loader that could do it all, the RL26HD is it! This reloader can load most any type of equipment with most any type of material.

When it comes to industrial reloaders, CAS® can keep you loaded! We have two reloaders in our stable, which can be easily transported and setup, to meet the extreme working environments of our customers.CAS® reloaders can greatly increase the efficiency of your fleet of equipment. Whether you have one piece of equipment or an entire fleet, introduce a CAS® reloader into the scenario and you will see dramatic increases in equipment up time, job completion times, and the number of pieces of equipment that are required to complete a job.

RL26HD Reloader although technically the little brother of the RL26, its heavy-duty construction and robust features quickly made it the big brother! The RL26HD is the heaviest duty CAS® Reloader in our stable of reloaders. We designed this reloader with some simple requirements. It needed to be strong enough to carry a range of materials, from rock and sand to dirt and mulch. It needed to be tough enough to withstand 4+ tons of material being continuously dropped upon it, and it needed to be able to accomodate a variety of dump/loading equipment. With this in mind, we went to work to design and build the heaviest-duty reloader on the market. With a heavy-duty 48” wide feed belt and a rugged cross-feed conveying system, this reloader is a must have for any hard-working contractor.

Coupling Feature– the RL26HD has a unique coupling feature capability, which allows it to be quick coupled to a mobile machine like the CAS® AT7. By joining the RL26HD to the CAS® AT7, the reloader can increase machine uptime by keeping it continuously loaded as long as the material is available.

Here are a few key highlights:

  • Length: 26’ feel long
  • Innovation:
    • Mobile equipment quick couple feature.
    • 10’ winged cross-feed conveyor hopper.
  • Feed Belt: 48” wide domestic aggregate specified.
  • Duty Strength: Heavy-Duty
  • Material: Heaviest of material to include Rock, Soil, Mulch, and Sand.
  • Production: High-volume 4-6 tons of material per minute.
    • Dependent upon material.
  • Tow Weight: 10,500 lbs.




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