The CAS® Stemming Truck is
made in the USA!

The on-road CAS® Stemming is the ONLY Slinger truck to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

The CAS Stemming Truck is the best untold secret within the blasting community.

It’s only a matter of time before Blast Foremen figure out that CAS® builds the best Stemming Truck in the world!

Technically an on-road Slinger because it is mounted to a standard heavy-duty truck chassis, a Stemming Slinger truck will rarely, if ever, see pavement. We developed the Stemming Slinger to assist Blast Engineers and Blast Managers with getting the right amount of material efficiently and effectively into the blast hole, while not collapsing the hole or damaging the leads in the process. The CAS® joystick and push button operation combined with our proprietary software, which allows for preset depth allowances, provides quick setup and even quicker delivery of the exact amount of Stemming material into the blast hole. This level of precision allows the charges to send the blast in the appropriate direction and not “Up Hole.” The CAS® technology combined with the durable CAS® Slinger components, and a few Stemming specific features such as a 19’ placing conveyor to keep the truck a safe distance away from leads and blast holes and a camera system to give the operator clear viewing, which ensures center hole placement, are all standard features on the CAS® Stemming Truck.

Unlike our competitors, we enjoy working directly with Blast Managers/Foremen and their team(s) to develop and build a machine that is specific to a particular mining and blasting operation. We have learned that there are lots of differences in blasting techniques and Stemming requirements among the global mining community, so we appreciate when a “Blasting Team” challenges us to design a piece of equipment for their specific unique opportunity. For the team here at CAS®, these types of opportunities are the ones that we enjoy the most!

The CAS® Stemming Trucks are gaining in popularity and we currently ship Stemming Slingers to mining countries all over the world. Give us a call to discuss your Stemming needs and let’s work together to build your operation the Stemming truck that you have always wanted!

Here are a few key Stemming Slinger highlights:

· HD25- Capacity: 20 cubic yards

· Easy Operation: Joystick, Remote Control, single operator operation.

· Automated: Quickly establish material depth presets.

· Reportability: Obtain actionable reporting data for a specific blasting job.

· Precise: Cab visibility and camera viewing system allows for center hole placement.

· Reduced Maintenance costs: Patented components increase functionality and decrease wear.

· Consistent: Presets allows for the exact amount to be delivered every time.

· Adaptable: New or Used Chassis!

· The BELT! CAS® custom wear-resistant placing belt provides greater placing volume & distance




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