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All CAS® Slingers are
Made in the U.S.A.

The on-road CAS® SuperTrack is the ONLY Slinger truck to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

The Supertrack is not only the coolest looking Slinger Truck on the market, it has raised the bar so high, that anything else will be a distant second.

The SuperTrack is the Original Slinger!

The CAS® SuperTrack (ST) is the Slinger that “Started it all” and is the truck that the company was founded on. It was the first on-road Slinger Truck for the company and the Slinger design that we have worked to perfect over the past two decades and that drove the creation of new Slinger models. The SuperTrack is a proven piece of equipment that has a 20-year history of going to work for our customer and is the epitome of versatility! The SuperTrack can haul a variety of materials, “Sling” material up to 140’ and comes in two large volume sizes. The ST16 with a water level capacity of 20 cubic yards and the ST20 with a water level capacity of 24 cubic yards gives great flexibility when it comes to choosing a Slinger truck.

Today’s SuperTrack is a much different Slinger than the early models. We have added several new CAS® patented features, which allows for smoother operation, reduced maintenance costs, and improve machine uptime. IN addition, we have added HMW liners to the hopper and beefed up the Placing conveyor so we can “Sling” material up to 140’. Although we continue to pay homage to the early SuperTrack models, we assure you that “This is not your Father’s Slinger!”

Here are a few key SuperTrack highlights:

  • Two Sizes:
    • ST16- Capacity: 20 cubic yards
    • ST20- Capacity: 24 cubic yards
  • Innovation: Wirelessly remote-controlled placing & travel functionality
  • Reduced Maintenance costs: Patented components increase functionality and decrease wear.
  • Configurable: Mountable on New and Used truck chassis for maximum payload.
  • Distance: Slinging distance up to 140’
  • The BELT! CAS® custom wear & abrasive resistant placing belt provides the “magic.”
  • Versatility: One Slinger for all materials: Rock, Sand, Soil, Mulch!

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