All CAS® Slingers
are built in the USA!

The off-road CAS® TR20 is the ONLY Slinger to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

We made money when other contractors didn’t because we chose to put a TR20 on the job.

I can now access areas that were once inaccessible!

The TR20 is a combination of the best features found in a CAS® AT7 and the CAS® TR30. Small, maneuverable, and remote controlled like the AT7 in a fully tracked, low-ground pressure platform (4-7 psi), with a bigger 10-yard hopper, like the TR30.  The TR20 is the best of both worlds!

The TR20 is packed with Slinger features like the abrasive and impact resistant 15’ long x 14” wide long shot Placing belt, which is the heaviest duty belt on the market, or the Patented Worm Gear pivot, which provides for smooth placing conveyor operation and reduced maintenance. The CAS® TR20 is the same width as a standard pickup truck requiring no special permits for transport providing the ultimate in portability. This Slinger is as easy to trailer and transport as a backhoe!

The CAS® TR20’s tracked drive provides extreme accessibility! It is a great option for those contractors that are working in the toughest off-road job sites or in sensitive vegetation areas, like wetlands and need a powerful slinger to place hydro-seed, mulches, or soil for erosion control.

Here are a few key TR20 highlights:

  • Durable: Heavy-Duty, off-road steel construction
  • Maneuverable: Dual speed, rubber tracks for all-terrain mobility.
  • Innovation: Unmanned, wirelessly remote-controlled placing & travel functionality.
  • Easy Loading: Side and Rear loadable.
  • Reduced Maintenance costs: Patented components increase functionality and decrease wear.
  • Reduced Ground Pressure: Ground pressure 4-7 pounds per square inch.
  • Easy Transport: A trailerable 28,000 lbs. machine
  • Distance: Slinging distance up to 80-110’
  • The BELT! CAS® custom wear-resistant placing belt provides greater placing volume & distance.
  • Versatility: One Slinger for all materials: Rock, Sand, Soil, Mulch!


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DME Slingers working2
DME Slingers working4

TR20 Videos

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