Finance Solutions


CAS® Compare Financial Products
Equipment Loan TRAC Lease Revolving Line of Credit
Ownership End of Contract Optional- Can return or purchase at lease-end for
residual amount.
Dependent upon how funds are
Equity Buildup Faster Slower N/A
Tax Depreciation Customer Financing Company Dependent upon how funds are used.
Payment Higher Lower N/A
Purchase Option Included Yes, Pre-determined residual Value N/A
Seasonal Payments Yes Yes Yes
Early Payoff Restrictions Some Some Dependent upon how funds are used.
Personal Property Tax Customer pays-(varies by state) Customer pays-(varies by state) N/A
Additional Information Customer Owns and depreciates Characteristics of a loan with the lower payments of a lease Access funds quickly to obtain new/used equipment
Immediate equity through down payment Customer treats unit as rental on taxes Customized financing options offered
Quickest equity buildup through repayment Stated residual for purchase at end. Blanket lien filing not required

All CAS® financial products are provided by Highway Commercial Finance.

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