Lightweight Construction

The CAS has been completely reconfigured to reduce the overall weight. We have used better engineering to increase the strength and durability while eliminating excess weight. Improvements to all components have a secondary goal in mind, and that is to keep the overall weight lower so you can increase your payload capacity.


The new CAS box has been redesigned by eliminating angles inside the box where material is held up. The box’s steeper sides and wider belt make feeding possible with more difficult products such as soils and mulches where metering beams were needed before. The new wider belt system is also designed to pull heavier loads and maintain a steady metered flow. This new design has simplified the feeding process and decreased the overall weight to maximize the payload.


This new design has eliminated the old cumbersome chain and sprocket assembly and replaced it with a clean and more precise pivot point that allows accurate and responsive movement while placing material. The overall benefits are less weight, decreased maintenance, increased safety and more efficient use of material.


The CAS uses a tail powered drive system which keeps the weight of the conveyor near the pivot point. The lighter conveyor arm makes movement more responsive and less wearing on the pivot assembly. The speed of the belt has also been increased along with a higher operating angle for greater distance.


The CAS’s new belt system has an effective width of 24 inches, the widest in the industry. By eliminating the metering beam and widening the belt, we are now capable of spreading a wider variety of products such as soil, composts, and mulches with greater ease and speed. The speed and power of our new design also allows for quick offloading of materials when simply dumping loads on site.


All of our units have the option of being configured with remote control for the operation of the feed and placing conveyors. This feature is considered one of the most advantageous because it gives the operator a better view while placing material. It allows the operator to work from any vantage point for better safety and accuracy. The All-Terrain and Magnum come standard with remote control for the operation of the feed and placing conveyors and the remote 4 wheel drive system.


Our remote ground drive is one more step in improving efficiency with continuous operation. The truck can now be driven at a slow speed while spreading materials for a uniform layer. This feature is ideal for roadside applications, lifts of gravel, erosion blankets, and utility ditch backfill. This unique ability can open up many new areas of potential business making you more versatile and more profitable.


The ST placing conveyor has an effective operational height of 13 feet for optimum reach over walls for backfill, and over truck sides for reload purposes. In addition, the steeper degree of angle allows for better distances than before. The placing conveyor also has the ability to reach down to 5 feet below grade for better control and accuracy in certain trench fill applications. This flexibility in our equipment gives you many more options for applying materials, increasing the marketability of your service.


The 6 cubic yard hopper on the AT6 conveniently holds approximately ½ dump truck load of material to mobilize on to rough and uneven terrain. The self-leveling feature provides stability during operation and continuous feeding on sloped areas of application. With hopper extensions in place, the unit can easily be loaded from both the side and rear with small loader equipment.


The AT7 can be equipped with an optional leveling blade on the lower front of the unit. This feature allows for leveling the working area before application and also helping to stabilize the unit on tough terrain. The blade is hydraulically lifted and lowered when unit is mobilized.


We have made all of our equipment with efficiency and ease of use and mobility in mind. The Super Track drives right up to the job site, and the reload conveyor can be towed behind a standard pickup. The AT7 is easily transported with a small equipment trailer. Simply drive the unit on and off the trailer with remote control in a matter of minutes.


The AT6 comes standard with Off-Road Traction Floatation Tires for all-terrain mobility. Accessibility is the key for the AT6, and its superior traction keeps the unit working on the toughest of job sites. An optional High Floatation configuration may be used for beach restoration work or turf applications such as in golf course construction.

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