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Parts & Service is the Key!

As our business has grown and there are more CAS® Slingers than ever before throughout the world working, we recognize the importance of having readily available parts so your downtime is minimal. Parts availability combined with knowledgeable Service representatives that can answer any technical questions and communicate with your mechanic on the ground, is an important area of focus for all of us here at Conveyor Applications Systems.

It is for this reason that we launched Operation Just Service!

January 2nd, 2018, marked the day that the first phase of Operation Just Service went into full effect! Our goal was/is to dramatically improve our customers’ after-sale supportexperience and we will not rest until we do!

The dramatic increase in business the last several years has required that that we make significant changesinternally and reorganize our Customer Service, Parts, and Service departments to improve our support capabilities and response times. We are extremely confident that the resulting changes will provide us with a greater opportunity to meet our customers’ expectations in a variety of areas.

The second phase of Operation Just Service, is to upgrade the accessible information that is specific to each Slinger model.

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for your patience as we work to improve the support for our CAS® family throughout the world in the absolute best way possible.

The section below, known as the “Pit Stop” will be a wealth of information and our hope is that it will grow to become a technical trove of information as we work to update the accessible technical information for our Slinger models. We will be adding information often, so please check back regularly!

The Pit Stop!

The Pit Stop is the technical area of the site where you will find everything from manuals, drawings, maintenance tips and much, much more….

On-Road Technical Info:

Off-Road Technical Info:


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