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You’ve worked hard to build your business! Now, let it work hard for you! A Revolving Line of Credit uses the equity already built into your business, like the equity in your equipment fleet, to enhance your working capital and bonding capacity and provide funds for other business needs. A Revolving Line of Credit can help you shift short-term debt to long-term debt so you can increase bonding capacity and get back to doing business more efficiently. Having cash available before you head to the auction or visit an equipment manufacture is a very helpful asset. A Revolving Line of Credit gives you the flexibility and provides you with available funds when you need them the most, and best of all, you only pay on the amount that has been withdrawn.

A Revolving Line of Credit is built for customers who have great credit and solid business/ equipment equity who are not overly leveraged. This powerful finance tool is available to you at NO COST! Once a Revolving Line of Credit is established it offers a 12-month draw period, which is renewable every 12-months (on approved credit), for you to utilize at your convenience. This gives you the ultimate flexibility and provides you with CASH when you need it most and best of all, the repayment options are just as generous, see below-

  • Cash is available for renewable (on approved credit) 12-month periods.
  • Only pay on the funds that are drawn.
  • Quick access to funds.
  • Utilize funds on all types of equipment and/or machinery (preferably CAS® Slingers)
  • Flexiblefinancing and repayment options-
    1. Drawn funds are rolled into an equipment loan or lease at a low fixed rate for up to 72-months!
  • Blanket lien filing not required
  • Financial Product – Revolving Line of Credit
  • Term: Loan and/or Lease up to 72-months.
  • Finance Rate – Dependent upon credit risk and loan/lease producto
    1. Rates are as low as 6.29% (on approved credit)
  • 100% financing – Available to qualified customers

All CAS® financial products are provided by Highway Commercial Finance.

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