The Slinger Advantage

There is a lot that goes into the CAS® Slinger Advantage, which is the namesake for the CAS® Warranty program. However, to us it is really quite simple… We strive to build the very best product, at a competitive price, with exceptional customer service. This is the CAS Slinger Advantage!


All CAS® Slingers are made in the USA!

Every CAS® Slinger manufactured is backed by the industry leading Slinger Advantage Warranty Program.

CAS® Slingers have been built in the USA since the beginning. Utilizing American labor and componentry built here in the homeland, is a main priority for our organization.

CAS® Slingers are built by highly skilled craftsmen that take great pride in building the highest quality Slinger on the market. Quality Slingers built by Quality People is the key to Our Business!


CAS® Builds Slingers that are ready to work when you are!

CAS® Slingers are built with HD steel construction.

Hardox® Steel, power-coated components, CAT® engines, abrasive/wear resistant belts, HMW liners, and hydraulic filtration systems are all a few examples of the componentry and features in place to ensure your Slingers stay on the job site slinging material.

We know that CAS® Slingers take a beating, so we build our Slingers to withstand the strenuous demands of the job.

Slingers with Minimal Maintenance That Are Ready to Work when You Are!


CAS® =Innovation!

It is in our DNA to be innovative. We just cannot rest! It is our lifelong quest to continually improve upon our Slinger platforms and/or create new Slingers where none exist!

CAS® holds several patents on new componentry and innovations that has revolutionized the Slinger industry.

Wider belts, more powerful hydraulics, stronger engines, maintenance free Slinging mechanisms, track systems that emit 4-7 pounds of ground pressure, thicker belt cleats, these are all great examples of CAS® innovating.

Innovation is at the core of who we are!


CAS® Slingers simply outperform the competition!

CAS® Slingers sling material farther!

CAS® Slingers have greater capacity!

CAS® Slingers can handle the widest range of

CAS® Doesn’t Follow the Leader Because CAS®

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