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For customers who want a low monthly payment and ownership options at equipment lease end. The TRAC Lease is a great way to get into a brand new CAS® Slinger at a low monthly cost as you are building your business.


When you choose a TRAC lease, you’ll receive these valuable benefits:

  • 100% financing available to qualified customers
  • You can lease equipment up to 72-months.
  • Predetermined residual value.
  • Depending on option, monthly payments are generally lower than traditional
  • For U.S. GAAP and U.S. tax purposes: Treat as a rental – write off 100% of payments
    on taxes.
  • Very flexible and is customized to meet each specific customer’s equipment needs.
End-of-Term Options
  • Residual amount pre-determined at the beginning of the lease.
  • Customer responsible for Residual at lease end.
      1. Residual can be rolled into a Loan (on approved credit) and/or paid with

**Final terms are based on approved credit, collateral, and down payment options.

  • Length (new equipment): 12–72 months
  • Finance Rate: Fixed
  • 100% financing: Available to qualified customers
  • Purchase Option Alternatives: Can purchase at the end of the lease term.
  • Tax Benefits: 100% write off of payments

All CAS® financial products are provided by Highway Commercial Finance.

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