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All CAS® Slingers are
Made in the U.S.A.

The on-road CAS® Fat Boy is the ONLY Slinger truck to proudly wear the designation, Made in the USA. With manufacturing and service facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Eugene, OR, which is where CAS® Slingers have been manufactured since 2004.

The Fat Boy is not only the coolest looking Slinger Truck on the market, it has raised the bar so high, that anything else will be a distant second.

The coolest looking most efficient Slinger Truck on the market today!

The latest addition to the CAS® Slinger line is the all-new Fat Boy Slinger Truck.  The engineers at CAS® broke the Slinger Truck mold and filed for several new patents when they created the Fat Boy. At first glance, it is clear that the CAS® Fat Boy isn’t like any other Slinger truck on the market. The lower rail height, 0-degree feed belt incline, and wide-body style has given this truck greater capacity in a low center of gravity package for a smoother, safer ride. In addition, the versatility of the Fat Boy is unsurpassed in both functionality and material capability. The Fat Boy can “Sling” material up to 130’, dump full loads with its 90-degree swinging rear gate, and like all CAS® Slingers the Fat Boy can handle the widest range/ variety of materials in the industry.

The Fat Boy body has a custom Trout River® box, which includes a Hardox Steel 400 inner layer for durability and nearly vertical sides, which virtually eliminates “bridging.” In addition, the CAS® Fat Boy has the widest feeder and placing conveyor belts in the industry giving this Slinger its high-volume capabilities. The CAS Fat Boy comes in three high-volume sizes, the FB22 (22 cubic yards), FB24 (24 cubic yards), and FB27 (27 cubic yards).

The CAS® Fat Boy is truly the evolution of the Slinger Truck. Packed with features and functionality. The Fat Boy has raised the “Bar” to a whole new level among Slinger Truck manufacturers.

Here are a few key Fat Boy highlights:

  • Three Sizes:
    • FB22– Capacity: 22 cubic yards
    • FB24– Capacity: 24 cubic yards
    • FB27– Capacity: 27 cubic yards
      • Optional: side rails can be increased from 72” to 84”, which adds 6-8 cubic yards.
    • Durable: Hardox Steel 400 inner layer.
    • Safer Operation: Lower, wider design provides a lower center of gravity.
    • High-Performance Hydraulic System.
    • Reduced Bridging: Nearly vertical walls and horizontal floor.
    • Innovation: Wirelessly remote-controlled placing & travel functionality.
    • Reduced Maintenance costs: Patented components increase functionality and decrease wear.
    • Configurable: Mountable on New and Used truck chassis for maximum payload.
    • Distance: Slinging distance up to 130’
    • Maximums Volume: Largest Feed and Placing conveyor belts in the industry.
    • The BELT! CAS® custom wear & abrasive resistant placing belt provides the “magic.”
    • Versatility: One Slinger that can “Dump” or “Sling” all material types- Rock, Sand, Soil, Mulch!





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