Keeping your machines fed

  • VOLUME 4-6 Tons/Min


Introduce a CAS® Reloader into your fleet and you will see dramatic increases in equipment efficiency and productivity, with significant decreases in manpower and assets required to complete a job. The RL26HD is one of the most durable reloaders on the market. It is designed to keep your machines constantly fed with a variety of material and virtually eliminate material waste.


Built to Last 

This heavy-duty (HD) reloader was specifically designed to withstand tons of material being continuously dropped upon it. Loadable by standard dump/haul trucks and trailers.

Fully powder-coated interior & exterior finish for durability with heavy-duty steel construction.

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Load and Go

Durable 10’ wide hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers make light work of reloading rock, sand, and organic material.

With a heavy-duty 48” wide cleated feed belt and optional hopper extensions the RL26HD is able to accommodate a variety of direct dump/loading equipment.

Versatile and Mobile

With off-road capability and its lightweight frame the RL26HD is easy to transport and can be towed by a standard 3/4 ton pickup truck.

This reloader can load most equipment with almost any type of material, in most any location.


Perfect Pair

With a specialized and easy-to-use hitching system, the RL26HD can be coupled directly to the AT7, providing a continuous operational tandem.

With a single operator, keep material off the ground, saving you time and money while drastically increasing production.

RL26HD Specifications


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