• VOLUME 4 Yards/Min
  • CAPACITY 22 - 40 Yards


The FatBoy is one of the only dual-purpose work truck on the market. It is a slinger and a dump truck in one. It is the highest volume slinger in its class with the ability to place the widest variety of materials with ease thanks to its zero-degree feed floor. The low center of gravity offers unstoppable stability. A true live bottom dump truck that can bulk offload the entire truck as quickly as a traditional dump truck.


Customize Your FatBoy Today

Choose from several customizable features to make the FatBoy the exact right tool for you.

Available in Three Sizes:

FB22– Capacity: 22 cubic yards *(32 yards)
FB24– Capacity: 24 cubic yards *(35 yards)
FB27– Capacity: 27 cubic yards *(40 yards)

* Each size can be manufactured with an additional one foot of side rail height for extra capacity.

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The Ultimate Work Truck

The next time your job requires maximum effort, dispatch the one slinger truck that's equipped to handle it all.

The dual functioning rear-gate is designed to maximize slinging efficiency and bulk offloading. With a 32" exposed feed floor you can offload 22 yards of material in under a minute.

Maximize Performance

The 16" placing conveyor delivers twice as much material than the industry standard.*

Deliver and place a variety of materials with the nearly vertical Hardox steel walls paired with the  Zero Degree feed floor. The Zero Degree feed floor allows for even weight distribution for an exceptional stable driving experience while reducing the chance of material bridging.

* Compared to standard 14" pc.


Precision Placement

Experience ultimate control and precision placement with the highest quality components and an easy-to-use remote control system.

Place the right amount of material exactly where you want it. Choose from several customizable features to make the FatBoy the exact right tool for you.

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