Towable direct feed slinger

  • VOLUME 3 Yards/Min


The CAS Drag'n is the world’s first towable direct feed slinger. The direct feed configuration allows for highly economical material haul truck delivery to the site while providing continuous operation of the slinger for optimal efficieny. The CAS Drag'n reduces material waste while maximizing uptime—and your bottom line.

Drag'n In Action

DRAG'N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

Built to Produce

The all-in-one direct feed system combines the functionality of a slinger with the efficiency of a reloader.

Built to continuously place large volumes of material from a stationary position with a single operator.

DRAG'N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

Direct Feed = Direct Results

The Drag'n never has to leave the site until the job is done. Meaning you can maximize your onsite ROI while cheaper haul trucks make the loops to and from the material yard.

Incorporating our reloader design and technology, the Drag’n is able to be fed directly by standard dump/haul trucks and trailers.

Tow and Go

The Drag'n can easily be towed to, from and around the job site by a standard 3/4 ton pickup truck.

The unique folding design of the placing conveyor makes for compact and easy transport.

DRAG'N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems
DRAG'N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

Small Footprint, High Output

Equipped with the same placing conveyor technology as our other off-road slingers, it can accurately place material at distances up to 150'.

The heavy duty design and construction gives the Drag'n the strength and durability to handle any job.

DRAG'N Walk-Around

DRAG'N Specifications

DRAG'N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

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