EZ Flow

Placing material just got easier

  • VOLUME  3 Yards/Min
  • CAPACITY 18 Yards


Although it looks similar to a traditional slinger truck, the EZ Flow is anything but typical. Packed full of new innovations like a skirtless hopper, newly designed Hardox steel body, and completely reengineered hydraulic package The EZ Flow is the new standard of slinger trucks. 

EZ Flow - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

Targeted Material Placement

Built to handle a variety of materials with our newly designed body made of dent resistant 450 Hardox Steel. The EZ Flow's 30” exposed feed floor coupled with the nearly vertical sidewalls allows for placing a wide variety of materials with ease. 

EZ Flow - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

Skirtless Rubber Feed Floor

Introducing the first ever, patent pending, skirtless rubber feed floor to the Slinger market. Traditional slingers use skirt rubber to seal material between the hopper feed floor. This is one of the most time consuming maintenance items on a slinger. 

The skirtless hopper eliminates all of that maintenance, while maintaining a tight seal and increasing efficiency and feed floor longevity.

Designed for Operators

Experience ultimate control and precision placement with the newly redesigned hydraulics and control package for best-in-class responsiveness.

The easy-to-use remote control system provides the operator with steady control and smooth placement of materials. When adding a remote drive system, the EZ Flow comes with forward and reverse creep modes for easy maneuvering.

EZ Flow - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

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EZ Flow Specifications

EZ Flow - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems

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