Difference between a stone slinger and a dump truck


Both stone slingers and dump trucks are commonly used for hauling and delivering materials, but there are some key differences between the two:

Precision placement

A stone slinger is designed to deliver materials with precision and accuracy, allowing them to be placed exactly where they are needed. This is particularly useful for landscaping projects where precise placement is important. Dump trucks, on the other hand, are designed to simply dump materials in a pile.

Speed and efficiency

A stone slinger is typically faster and more efficient than a dump truck when it comes to placing materials. The slinger can deliver and spread materials quickly and accurately, which can save time and reduce labor costs. Dump trucks may require additional equipment, such as a loader or excavator, to distribute the materials and may take longer to complete the job.


Stone slingers can reach areas that may be difficult or impossible for dump trucks to access. The slinger can place materials over walls, around obstacles, and in tight spaces, making it a more versatile option for some projects.

Overall, the choice between a stone slinger and a dump truck will depend on the specific needs of the project. If accessibility, precision placement and speed are important, a stone slinger may be the better option. View a Slinger in action HERE

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