Meet the DRAG’N

Meet the DRAG’N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  

“The DRAG’N will make you rethink how you place material.” -Arlen Rexius, President

The CAS DRAG’N is the world’s first towable direct feed slinger, combining the functionality of a slinger with the efficiency of a reloader.

The Idea

It all started when a construction company specializing in large residential builds approached CAS looking for a more efficient way to backfill foundations. They wanted a slinger capable of continuously placing large volumes of material from a stationary position with the following considerations:

  • No Material Staging
    • Many of the job sites didn’t accommodate material to be staged on-site
  • Place Material Nonstop
    • They wanted to maximize the time spent placing material and avoid downtime traveling to material yards for reloads.
  • Easy to Transport
    • It needed to be easily towable to, from, and around the job site.

Slinging Into Action
Thus, the DRAG’N was born.

Meet the DRAG’N - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  

Material Staging and Direct Feed

If there was no way to stage the material, then the slinger would have to be loaded directly from dump/loading equipment. Incorporating the design and technology of our Reloaders, the Drag’n was designed to be fed directly by standard dump/haul trucks and trailers. This also allows for the Drag’n to continuously place material while the dump trucks make the trips to and from the material yard. Making the operation much more efficient and cost-effective.


The Drag’n is towable by a standard ¾ ton pickup truck. 

The placing conveyor is designed to fold in on itself for additional ease of transport. 

With its revolutionary direct feed design and towability, the Drag’n will make the job site more efficient, saving valuable time, money, and labor. 

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