Andy Meyer

Landscape Finishing with CAS Stone Slingers

Landscaping projects require a lot of materials, including soil, mulch, rocks, and gravel. These materials need to be transported, distributed, and leveled for an attractive and functional landscape finish. Conveyor Application Systems (CAS) equipment provides a unique solution for landscape finishing, enabling faster and more efficient distribution of materials. In this blog, we will explore …

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Building Retaining Walls with a CAS Stone Slinger

Retaining walls are structures designed to hold back soil or other materials and prevent them from sliding or eroding away. They are commonly used in landscaping and construction to create level surfaces on sloped terrain, prevent erosion, and create attractive garden features.  Conveyor Application Systems (CAS) slingers are an effective tool for building retaining walls, …

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 The CAS DRAG’N Towable Direct Feed Slinger The direct feed configuration of the Drag’n allows for highly economical material haul truck delivery to the site while providing continuous operation of the slinger for optimal efficiency. The CAS Drag’n reduces material waste while maximizing uptime—and your bottom line.   DRAG’N Specifications

EZ Flow Demo

 The CAS EZ Flow – Placing Material Just Got Easier Although it looks similar to a traditional slinger truck, the EZ Flow is anything but typical. Packed full of new innovations like a skirtless hopper, newly designed Hardox steel body, and completely reengineered hydraulic package. The EZ Flow is the new standard of slinger …

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FatBoy Demo

 CAS FatBoy – The Ultimate Slinger Truck It is a slinger and a dump truck in one. It is the highest volume slinger in its class with the ability to place the widest variety of materials with ease thanks to its zero-degree feed floor. A true live bottom dump truck that can bulk offload …

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The CAS Conveyor Belt

CAS Conveyor Belt One of CAS’s key innovations is its belt design which has pushed the limits of what slingers are capable of.  These belts feature: Specially-designed cleats  Durable rubber designed for continuous use  Increased controllability and pattern options  This innovation greatly increased the functionality of the CAS slinger. With a special cleat design and …

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