What is a Stone Slinger?

What is a Stone Slinger? - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  

A CAS® Slinger, often referred to as a “Stone Slinger” uses a conveyor system to rapidly and accurately place material up to 15x faster than conventional equipment.

How Far Can a Slinger Reach?

Slingers are a great way to place material in hard to reach areas. The AT7 and Drag’n Off-road Slingers can place material at a distance of 150′. Our Slinger trucks, FatBoy and EZ Flow, can place material up to 130′ away.

Material Types:

A slinger, or “stone slinger”, can place stone, sand, soil, mulch, and other aggregates in a wide range of patterns, making it ideal for construction and landscaping projects of any size and scope.

Labor to Operate a Slinger:

CAS Slingers have remote control functionality and require only a single user to operate. Using a Slinger saves time and money by delivering and placing material faster, further, and more efficiently than traditional labor.

Advantages of a Slinger:

  • Significantly Faster than Traditional Processes
  • Reduced Labor
  • Material Placement in Hard to Reach Areas
  • Easy Operation
  • Remote Control Functionality for Safer Operation

Slinger Applications:

  • Excavating
  • Foundation Work
  • Backfilling
  • Trenching
  • Erosion Control
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Finishing
  • Road Construction

Types of Slingers:

What is a Stone Slinger? - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  


Slinger Trucks (FatBoy, EZ Flow): A CAS Slinger Truck is an on-road vehicle designed to deliver and place large volumes of material to the job site. These trucks have large capacity and are easy to operate with a minimal crew. Packed with innovations, a CAS on-road slinger is the ultimate work truck.

What is a Stone Slinger? - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  




Slinger Equipment (AT7, TR20, DRAG’N):  These slingers are very versatile and can place material in difficult and hard to reach areas. They are compact, maneuverable, and fully remote controlled. With a small footprint, but boasting big performance, CAS equipment can stay onsite and move large volumes of material.

What is a Stone Slinger? - CAS - Conveyor Application Systems  



Reloaders (RL19, RL26HD, RL34): Introduce a CAS Reloader into your fleet and you will see dramatic increases in equipment efficiency and productivity, with significant decreases in manpower and assets required to complete a job. They are designed to keep your machines constantly fed with a variety of material and virtually eliminate material waste.


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